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. and conflating the two creates a lot of confusion. so if a jewish professor at columbia law school writes a journal article defending the legality of israeli settlements, it's almost certainly not because the lobby orders or even prodded the professor. but because of the professor's personal identification with the jewish state. it's not a conspiracy, it's just ethic chauvinism. however, whereas it's almost guaranteed that the israel lobby will back the israeli government's current policies, whatever they happen to be and however indefensible they might be, that's, after all, what lobbies for foreign governments do. still, there's no guarantee that the jewish community will reflectsively -- reflectsively support these policies. the backing of american jews for israel has historically been conditional, and it's been circumstantial. it's been shaped by three factors; ethnicity, citizenship and ideology. plainly, american jews support israel in much higher percentages and with much greater fervor than most americans because israel calls itself a or this jewish state, and jews consequently fe
had signed the social security act and fair labor standards act into law but the united states still had no national program for addressing the health needs of the people. the 1938 health conference was the beginning of something different. instead of inviting only doctors to speak, the conference for the first time included members of labor unions, farm groups and civil rights organizations. included representative not just of the medical profession but of the people who need it and use health care. a woman named florence greenberg traveled from chicago, illinois to washington to offer her testimony. she was a member of the women's auxiliary of the steelworkers organizing committee, spending her days working in communities around the steel mills. greenberg told the audience at the national health conference that she had come to offer them a different picture of chicago. just steps away from the comfortable headquarters of the american medical association, tenements, a 6 chicago where people struggled with terrible health conditions related to poverty and unemployment and struggled t
. most of the laws about campaign finance were laws that of men passed in the progressive era and you know there wasn't a lot of attention paid to campaign finance. this kind of introduces the campaign finance question very quickly. i don't think there was anything illegal. i don't think it past the smell test. i think people looked at it suspiciously. by the letter of the law, that was clear and this is also one of the parts of the story that gets kind of messy that adlai stevenson have a fund that was somewhat similar to nixon's fund and once that emerges than nixon is taking money from rich guys and that they stick exception goes away. there was nothing legal by the letter of the law. it doesn't pass the smell test by most people and the question is, is nixon influenced? there are ways you can see some connections between those who are giving them him the money and the legislation that he had fought for a senator up until that point in time and in congress. there's clearly some sense that you have kind of pro-real estate anti-public housing policies that nixon was doing and that th
law school which is the fourth oldest law school in the u.s., anti-albany college of pharmacy and health sciences. >> we are in the university of albany's department of special collections and archives, and what are the main depositor on campus for collecting archival records, historical records, primary sources that are used by students, teachers, scholars, journalists and many other folks. >> a national death penalty archive was started here at the university of albany in 2001. it was a partnership between the archivist it ended special collections and archives and faculty members of the school. there's no national death penalty archive for documenting the fascinating history of capital punishment in the united states, so we set forth to establish the first. and what we do is we reach out to key organizations, significant individuals who are working either to abolish capital punishment or are proponents of capital punishment. and these individuals and organizations for the ideas that spring the debate that goes on, both in the legal arena and political agreement over the the
battery life. you can have a different law again for your kids and when you do again for that they do not have access for all of your e- mail and all of your duties. they have access to their own goodies and to the degree you allow them to do so.at i mean by that is maybe i will let my kids play games hour today and they can read all day if they want to. one of the candle does beautifully is it is the reader it is out of asthis wo is not simply an e reader to do not let c13 full year but it has features of a computer you can download search the internet and so much more here >>host: by the time. and i are off the air at 2:00 a.m. and the third of a quantity will be gone and believe me we tried to get as many as we could so i know if you miss the story this is a encore presentation. we only found out about this on thursday and when i say it is literally off presses and if you have your bo your heart set on america's favorite tablet this is it. you can watch all of these things online you can do shopping searching internetsurfing the internet watch movies read books you can do so much
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cabin. established a law practice in a log cabin and slowly worked the way up and became a successful lawyer in georgia lee that and got involved politically ran for congress. served for eighth terms and
laws and hollywood had brought in will rogers who had been in the harding cabinet mr. protestant, and kennedy now positioned himself as a non-jew, and studio after studio hired, at one point he ran for major studios, and that each of those she demanded to be paid in stock options. by the time he left hollywood after only a couple of years he was a multimillionaire because he knew how to manipulate the stock options. he knew how to turn those pieces of paper into dollars, millions of dollars coming and he did come and having learned how to make an advantage of a disadvantage at age 50, he had those millions and millions of dollars at age 50 the way the stock market worked and the stock and bonds retreated, and he knew a crash was coming and he pulled out all of his money so that when the crash did come he was left with his millions in an extraordinary position. yet with that crashed we are suffering from a recession now and a lot of people are suffering. we all know people who suffer. but it doesn't compare to the depression of the 50's. kennedy was scared that everything the coun
own law. this is one of my favorite things. we should have a show called favorite things >>host: this was my host pick. this brings music back into the home. i paid $50 for a lesson for my daughter. she had played by and the lighted 1 forever she was bored but at the same time she was able to learn the proper instruction. i would still recommend lessons as well. sometimes hard to get to the lesson it because you have a soccer game or your other kid has a soccer game. we have maybe 200 or 300 left. keep calling on yours. aaron berger is sticking around with the samsung computer. [commercial] [reading] [♪ music ♪] >>host: is is a looking computer my friend. i am >>guest: so excited to offerc13 computer! this is >>host: samsung windows 8 it is a jack up computer. dual core speed with a 500 gb hard and 4 gb ram.c13 is loaded with a high-definition webcam. you have your cd ed dvd burner. this is your last to read this up for the year. to grab -- this for a gift.$70 off the price and free shipping and handling to take bids of. 5 flex payments of $105.90. [reading] v i >>ho
the inevitable consequence. paul volcker cannot law old ally -- tala lie and then in fact, it confirms the hidden agenda to maintain painfully high interest rates so monetary policy could go up. of final confirmation this after the bell was passed senator phil gramm called paul volcker to say now we have the budget under control kimmie have the easier monetary policy? he said we will see. that is a typical central banker response. that brings me to today. right now the budget is 5% of gnp that is similar to the reagan era budget deficit and bernanke will need a lot of pope to engineer an economic recovery without inflation. the fed raised interest rates after years of inflation had garnered public support for tight monetary policy but now after years of recession and unemployment they may have some resistance to wracked pre-emptively which is the only way to do it. and it is more crucial that congress and the president embark on a plan to balance the full employment budget as it did in the '80s and '90s. only then we can trust the total reserve will act responsibly. sorry to end on a sad note. bu
in the development of international refugee law and policy. the international office of you are fuji in 1938. he yearned to rally members of the non-- and wished he could do something akin to lindberg's recent flight across the atlantic. 1928 he decided it was up to him too a tattered equivalent to go around the world alone by bicycle. luckily he didn't have to do that actually. he departed shanghai on a battered secondhand bicycle but then upgraded to a new bicycle in ban cook and a battered secondhand motorcycle. it gave a new motorcycle and a letter that guaranteed assistance from area offices around the world. the publish account thanked the worldwide services of the ymca, shell oil, and the fire stone company. he dependented on the goal availability of gasoline, oil, and tin food. the array much industrial good and services that were now spread almost everywhere in the world. like the circumcycling with the south asian he made the transend with the encouragement of many white russians. above all, there was the pass port for which he was unlikely around the world ambassador. the document rai
, but the watershed event was then president nixon signed into law, created the environmental protection agency. one of the first orders of business that the epa was to be in a series insecticide starting with ddt and including all of its other cousins come in many of which were toxic as ddt. that domestic income of the ban on the use of those in this country went into effect in 1972, where they began phasing them out. it is to bet that person didn't live to see that, but she didn't get i like to think of her in this photograph taken by her friends come in the freeman family who live next door to her in maine on the shoreline of southport island in maine about may 255 probably. it's one of my favorite photographs of her. she looks very content and very much someone at home in an environment and at home in the world and at home and her role as an author, a scientist and ultimately somebody who would change the way we think about things. i think that is a good place to stop and take any questions you have. >> anybody have any questions? [inaudible] >> the question is why was the book called "silent sp
community come it's not such a law. period >> afghans to remember this period. i remember traveling through helmand province in 2009 an old afghan man came up and asked me a marine colonel is with whether he knew mr. and mrs. learn all. of course the learners are the couple's had taught him english back there decades ago. he had no concept united states as a country 3,300,000,000 people. of course we americans should know every other american. why did we not do the people who are taught in english? for the afghans, they remember with great fondness american engagement and remember far more fondly than the current american. of our stabilization activities unfortunately. >> rajiv chandrasekaran, haven't there been several starts and stops, hopeful. in our history with afghanistan? >> there have. the 50s and 60s were a period of great optimism and obviously the soviet invasion after the taliban were toppled after the 9/11 attacks as a period of great optimism that afghanistan would be able to build a more stable democratic society. but the mature cry off the ball and focus on iraq and what tha
label all of your inputs. if you put this in your mother- in-law's hand and you say you want her to put it the gaming mode or puts the input button and then through all the selections with the arrow and that is all there is to it.you can name every one of your inputs which i think is a wonderful feature.customize the look of your tv with your picture mode. there is a but n the top that will enable you to do and movie and [c etcd pc etc. utton >>guest: lookout is adjusting the leds in the background and is giving you more brightness in the and more to the bridge details in the blacks. you can pop it on the dynamic mode and enjoy color like you never seen before on the big screen tv. all the different methods edger fingertips and i touched one button to access that and is that simple and easy.3 hdmi inputscompleted into every want to. it is not only about the quality and the sound but the size. yes >>host: indeed girlfriend! [laughter] qr app rating from the 30 to end 50 in. going to 145 times largepercent larger.-- if you aregrading >>host: tv and i purchase 32 in. 720 p lcd tv and i
Search Results 0 to 15 of about 16 (some duplicates have been removed)

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